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Parents Association Update


Dear Parent/Guardian.

With the start of the new school term the Parents Association would like to briefly update you on some of the initiatives the PA has recently undertaken on your behalf.


  1. New School Website

The key objective of the PA is to enhance and facilitate communication amongst parents, students and the school. Working closely with the school, the PA contributed a new website to the school in April. The website now has an automated weekly newsletter which will email you details of any new information which has been added to the website in the previous week. We highly recommend that all parents subscribe to the newsletter on the school website.


  1. PA Guide to Handling Bullying for Parents

The PA has developed and published a guide specifically for parents to help you to handle bullying situations with your child. It contains valuable advice on tell tale signs your child is being bullied, advice what to say to your child and what to do to help your child through this challenging issue.  This guide is available for download from the Parents Association page on the website.


  1. PA Guide to School Bag Weight

In May, the PA published a guide for parents on the topic of School Bag Weight and the guide provides tips and advice on how to help alleviate this issue.


May I take this opportunity to thank our PA Volunteers who have provided refreshments to attendees at a number of school events (Awards Night etc) over the past number of months.

Pat O’Flaherty,


Parents Association

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