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Young Scientists 2019

Here are the project titles and students working hard on their young scientist projects mentored by Ms C Hourihan and Fr J McSweeney

1  Is seaweed the skin care solution of the future? by Sinead cronin, Kate keevers and Orlagh o shea


2  A study on the accuracy of temperature and toxin levels in mussels in Bantry Bay based on the marine institute forecast. by Eoghan o Mahony and Rory Lennon


3    Shut your mouth: a comparative study of the difference in the level of oxygen when breathing through your nose and mouth during exercise. by Edel Connolly, Rebecca Harrington and Nell Coppinger


  1. An indepth exploration of geopathic stress, its harmful and beneficial effects for humans and the natural world  Sophia Hanrahan , Louise Downey and Chloe o Sullivan



  1. comparing concussions:an investigation to see if concussions are more prevalent in females and why?. by Clare Barry, Rachel Murnane and Kate Scully


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